My 26th Birthday

On May 16 I turned 26.  Every birthday evokes the same feelings for me: all things are more exhilarating, everything is brighter, excitement is churning my stomach expecting the greetings & surprises throughout the day.

I went to dinner with friends that night, and I felt loved.  I’m lonely for the most part.  I withdraw a lot.  I’m selective with who I spend my time with.  The few friends I have I keep very close to my heart.

zuri, leslie, maria, me and jose.
zuri, leslie, maria, me and jose.

I felt spoiled, they treated me to dinner, and then some drinks at a near-by bar.  They filled my night with company and smiles.  We don’t talk or hang out very often, but we all try to get together for each other’s birthdays when they come around.  We are a special crowd when we are together.  I never expected to make friends for life when I was assigned to work with them for my Dream Summer internship in 2011, but I will forever be happy I got to share that summer with them.



I had purchased a ticket to a Tiesto concert in Vegas a couple of weeks prior to my birthday weekend.  So I made sure that Daysi and I were gonna be able to drive up there.  Daysi made a special cake for me, she said with my hair colors.  It was so cute and yummy.

birthday cake with my hair colors, magenta & purple.
birthday cake with my hair colors, magenta & purple.

I had an incredible time in Vegas.  Tiesto concert was off-the-wall amazing, I met awesome people there and couldn’t believe I got to see him so close.  The Hakkasan Club was beyond crowded, the lighting was suburb, drinks were yummaaayyy, and my phone died when Tiesto came out.  Oh well, I saved this picture.   Best birthday gift ever, will be hard for anyone to top that.

tiesto in front of me
tiesto in front of me


Daysi’s friend where we stayed were also just amazing people, so welcoming and warm with us.  Rigo, Daysi’s friend who let us stay in his house and now my friend, was the most awesome host and I felt right at home.  On Sunday, we went to a Chilean picnic and I got to meet more great people.  Friendly from the start, they created an ambience unlike any I have experienced in Los Angeles with Chileans.  Everyone kept a united and collaborative spirit.  We danced and ate delicious food, aahh.

Sunday evening I was missing Paolo terribly.  My best friend had been watching him since Thursday night, my birthday.  She wanted me to have the time of my life and I did.  So, so grateful for her ❤ because I got a chance to get out of my routine and go on a very different adventure for a few days.

Chilean flag with Daysi
Chilean flag with Daysi

This birthday was one I won’t forget.  I have definitely raised the bar for the next one! 🙂



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