The First Healing Circle

This week has been a time to reflect. I had a healing circle with the dream team, and it was such a relieving activity.  It brought us closer, and gave a space to open up, and to say things that we usually keep to ourselves.  I observed the faces of the people present, and it made me think about their significant presence in my life overall.  While they were listening to me, my mind started to play back the moment each one of those people crossed my path for the first time.  I’ve learned significant lessons from these enlightened individuals, whether they know it or not.  It feels amazing to see how far we’ve come, not only in the work that we do as immigrant youth advocates, but in the closeness that we’ve achieved with one another; the comfort we seek and find in each other.  This year has been a transforming time for my inner self.  I’ve been nourished by these people’s spirits in ways that have gone beyond my expectations, and I am amazed at these acts of love, of touch, of connection, of sharing stories, of creating a strong and enduring sense of commonness, being reminded of the fact that we all share something, we feel the same feelings.

I always knew I was going to discover very peculiar things about life.  Deeper spaces in the mind, heart, soul.  I knew one day I was going to come across  experiences that would feed into a hungry pouch inside my heart, that has always been ready to be fed, to be seen, to be heard.  Moments like the ones I had this week, show me that this is the time of learning about those incredible and life-changing treasures.

Thank you for giving me that opportunity to grow in love, and may the warmth of gratitude travel gently, and constantly through my heart to not forget what you’ve done for me.  And may I be humble enough to bring those treasures back home.



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